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iSAEC Public Data Access Policy

To qualify for data access researchers must agree to the following restrictions:

  • Not to share the Public Data with any person who is not employed by a Public Researcher,

  • Not to attempt to identify individual subjects represented by genotype or phenotype data,

  • Not to use the Public Data for other than legitimate pharmaceutical or biological research purposes (as determined by the data access committee),

  • Not to submit for publication or presentation, or make any other use or disclosure of, any Public Data or any abstract, article or other information that is based on, includes or uses Public Data for a specified time period not to exceed nine (9) months following the Consortium’s initial disclosure of such Public Data (the specific restriction period for such Public Data shall be indicated in the database entry for such Public Data),

  • Acknowledge the Consortium in any resulting oral or written presentation, disclosure or publication relying on its iSAEC Data, and

  • Any other reasonable restrictions consistent with this Policy as determined by the SMC.

Researchers accessing iSAEC data are required to agree to comply with these restrictions through a signed agreement.

The latest version of the Consortium's Data Release and IP Policy (DRIPP) can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.